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Cource Progress

The students can view all the courses they are taking in a different interface and can view all the chapters within the course. When a student completes a chapter they can mark that chapter as incomplete which will reflect in the course progress.


Assessment and quiz

Utilize clear quiz questions with varied rules to gauge student understanding. Atlearn LMS quizzes support exams, pre-tests, and feedback collection

  • Create polls, tests, quizzes, and resume them seamlessly.
  • Utilize visual materials and provide feedback effortlessly.
  • Personalize certificates and categorize quizzes for organization.
  • Utilize a question bank and control the number of tries.
  • Easily publish or email test results and analyze them.
  • Automate training progress monitoring and reduce costs.
  • Simplify material customization and offer convenient access to courses.

Efficient Student Data Management at AtLearn

The students can view all the courses they are taking in a different interface and can view all the chapters within the course. When a student completes a chapter they can mark that chapter as incomplete which will reflect in the course progress.

  • Group organization for shared or differentiated tasks.
  • Easy access to student data for educators.
  • Personalized instruction and support for optimal outcomes.
  • Versatile enrollment options like manual, automated, self-enrollment.

Course management

Streamline your course creation process with Akraed's user-friendly interface. Simply click a button to build your course, add categories, subcategories, subtopics, and course material. Enhance student engagement with lessons, assignments, quizzes, and a variety of interactive activities. Manage student data, assessments, attendance, performance monitoring, and communication seamlessly within the platform

Easily organize and access student information, including demographics, enrollment status, and academic records, ensuring streamlined administrative processes.

Create and administer assessments, including quizzes, tests, and assignments, with customizable options to suit your teaching objectives and track student progress effectively.

Monitor student attendance effortlessly, enabling you to identify patterns, address attendance issues promptly, and ensure accountability for student participation.

Gain insights into student performance through comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing you to track individual progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted support as needed.


Flexible Time Slot Available

At AtLearn, students have the option to buy one or multiple time slots from various teachers. This level of flexibility enables students to customize their learning experiences according to their own schedules and preferences. It empowers students to delve into a wide range of subjects and teaching methods, thereby optimizing their learning potential.

  • Maximization of learning potential through flexibility
  • Exploration of diverse subjects and teaching styles
  • Personalized learning experiences based on individual schedules
  • Access to multiple teachers' available time slots
  • Flexible time slot purchases for students

Optimize Your AtLearn Experience with its features

At AtLearn, transparency is of utmost importance. Our platform enables students and administrators to conveniently access teachers' availability, offering valuable information about their schedules. This feature empowers students to effectively plan their interactions and appointments, while administrators can efficiently handle teacher workload and scheduling. By fostering transparent communication and coordination, AtLearn significantly improves the teaching and learning experience for all parties involved.


Teachers Availability

View teachers' availability for efficient scheduling and coordination.


Schedule Interaction

Plan interactions and appointments based on real-time availability.


Track Teacher Workload

Manage teacher workload effectively with accessible scheduling information.

AtLearn - Book

In Akraed, our book-centric feature is designed to streamline the management and distribution of educational materials. It offers a centralized platform that empowers instructors to efficiently organize, upload, and administer digital books. Users have the flexibility to categorize books into folders, swiftly search for specific content, and navigate seamlessly using bookmarks and a table of contents. The inclusion of annotation tools enables users to enhance their engagement by adding notes and highlights. Moreover, instructors can easily monitor student progress, while users can conveniently download books for offline access.


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Simplify Your Educational Material Management

Manage and distribute educational materials effortlessly with Akraed's streamlined book feature

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