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Atlearn Is A Nurturing Holistic Approach To Learning

We Prepare Your

Child For Life

Montessori Is A Nurturing And Holistic Approach To Learning

We Prepare Your

Child For Life

Interactive Online

Learning Platform

Unleash your potential through our dynamic and
engaging interactive online learning platform.

Special Child Session

For Brain Growth

Montessori Is A Nurturing And Holistic Approach To Learning

Special Child Session

For Brain Growth

Tailored Education for Every Learner

Personalized Learning Excellence

At Atlearn, we're revolutionizing the way education is delivered with our cutting-edge online classroom platform. Our innovative solution seamlessly integrates all vital educational elements into one user-friendly application, providing students and educators alike with an intuitive interface for a truly immersive and comprehensive learning journey. Whether you're a student eager to delve into new subjects or an educator striving to deliver top-notch instruction, Atlearn empowers you to unlock your full potential and achieve academic excellence like never before. Join us as we reshape the future of education, one seamless online classroom experience at a time.


Course Creation

Streamline course creation with our intuitive platform, simplifying the process and empowering educators to design and deliver engaging content seamlessly


Track Student Progress

Effortlessly track student progress with our comprehensive system, empowering educators to provide targeted support for personalized learning journeys


Message & Notification

Streamline communication with instant messaging and notification features, ensuring seamless interaction and timely updates for all users


Chat & Record

Facilitate seamless communication and documentation with integrated chat and recording capabilities, ensuring efficient collaboration and easy access to valuable insights


Assessment & Quiz

Manage teacher workload effectively with accessible Optimize learning with efficient assessment and quiz tools, fostering engagement and providing valuable feedback for improved student performanceinformation.


Online Whiteboard

Enhance collaboration with our dynamic online whiteboard, enabling real-time interaction and brainstorming for enriched learning experiences

Centralize Learning with Atlearn

Our intelligent class management tool empowers teachers to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom by dynamically illustrating complex concepts, fostering engaging learning experiences

  • Send Emails and alerts
  • Send notifications for classes
  • Dates for releasing announcements
  • Weekly, daily, and monthly calendar views
  • Include files with messages.

Smarty Programs

Tailored for Educational Institutions

Empowering Learning Communities Across Diverse Institutions

Servicing for
Schools, colleges, training institutes.
Collaborating with
Interactive learning environments.
Sharing expertise
Cultivating e-learning communities
Robust enterprise & educational app

Preschool Classes

Our preschool program has four dedicated classes

Brain Train

Available: 25 Seats

Required: 11 - 13 Years

$36 / month

Drawing & Paintings

Available: 25 Seats

Required: 11 - 13 Years

$40 / month

Alphabet Matching

Available: 25 Seats

Required: 11 - 13 Years

$29 / month

ICT Training

Available: 25 Seats

Required: 11 - 13 Years

$25 / month

Answers to Common Questions

Atlearn LMS FAQ Guide

Whiteboard Interaction : Educators can present, calculate, and diagram on the built-in whiteboard tool while collecting attendee feedback. Instant Messaging (IM) : Our IM feature allows private student conversations within the online meeting site. Evaluation & Testing : Use clear quiz questions with various guidelines to assess student comprehension and aid online learning

The Akraed Learning Management System (LMS) makes it simple for instructors to build courses and upload course materials. Akraed is an effective LMS platform for adding users and students, tracking student progress, making announcements, and communicating with users.

Yes, we can design an LMS with your brand logo and adjust it to suit your training requirements. In accordance with your requests, we can also introduce additional features.

For School and Higher Education.

If you are a school, an institution of higher education, or a training center Our Atlearn learning management system is here to help you to get your learning on board.

  • Unified workflow for education, teamwork, assessment, and certification.
  • Centralized management for courses, tests, attendance, progress, and performance.
  • Store and administer courses in the Atlearn Learning library.
  • Flexible learning delivery: live, independent study, blended.
  • Customize branding and user interface to fit your needs.

Effortless Course Management

Utilize our Online Course Creator to effortlessly create, manage, and track courses from anywhere, ensuring seamless organization and progress tracking

Akraed Nurture E-learning communities

Our e-learning system nurtures the development of e-learning communities and the transfer of knowledge among various institutions. To improve teamwork, research, and teaching as a component of the higher education system, we have developed reliable enterprise-scale educational applications.

For Employee Training Needs

Effective employee training can change both individual workers and entire organizations, which ultimately helps teams get better and keep growing. Using Atlearn LMS will save you time and effort. Our LMS allows you to do the following:

  • Identify the skills gap and address it
  • Create more clear career trajectories
  • Quickly update training materials and centralize them
  • Create and produces reports on the go
  • Make sure new hires adhere to business standards and increase personal accountability

Atlearn Mobile Learning Can Transform Education

Our Mobile learning platform comes for Android and iOS devices where learners will log in, check notifications, attend live classes, and access self-paced online sessions from their smartphones and tablets.

  • Notifications and updates, Real-time collaboration
  • Live classes on mobile, Mobile access to courses
  • Real-time messaging
  • Secure streaming
  • iOS and Android app
  • ELearning tools and features, Content format compatibility

Outcome-driven E-Learning with Analytics

Employ Atlearn reports and analytics for strategic teaching decisions. Gain insights on class performance, attendance, and course development trends to enhance educational outcomes

  • Examine attendance reports.
  • Helps in Class performance evaluation.
  • Enhance learner retention.
  • Downloaded Reports in Excel format.
  • Examine the amount of time spent in class.
  • Reduce your expenses and efforts.
  • Examine your course performance.

Personalized Learning Paths

Managing a large number of students and online courses in an LMS can be challenging. Personalized learning paths make the journey easier for both administrators and learners by assisting learners in grasping a specific topic or training program.

  • Self-assessment with online tests in any subject.
  • Extensive question bank covers all topic areas.
  • Create quizzes for individuals or groups.
  • Interactive games boost engagement and IQ.
  • Skills assessment improves performance and confidence.
  • Personalized learning paths from assessment results.

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