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Centralized Classroom Management Hub

Atlearn provides a unified platform for course setup, student management, and classroom creation, with tools enhancing engagement and collaboration

  • Unified platform for course setup and student management
  • Versatile tools for classroom creation and user roles.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of course progress.
  • Integration of engaging teaching tools.

Course management

You can easily build a course using Akraed by clicking a button. You can add categories, subcategories, and subtopics as well as the course material. On the course page, you can also add Lessons, and several assignments and make a list of quizzes using the question bank. You can also add various activities from the list of activities.


Effective tools to keep learners engaged

Engage students effectively with Atlearn Collaborative Tools, facilitating seamless communication and interaction with teachers. Features include a motivating leaderboard for group participation and achievement

  • Seamless communication and interaction with teachers
  • Motivating leaderboard for group participation
  • Encouragement of student engagement and achievement
  • Facilitation of fun and goal achievement

Student management

The teacher can manually enroll students or the administrator can enroll them automatically, or the students can enroll themselves. If classes that are doing the same course need to be divided up, or if tasks need to be differentiated, students can also be added to groups.

Reports and analytics

Drive teaching strategy with Atlearn reports and analytics, providing insights for informed decision-making and course improvement

  • Examine attendance reports
  • Help in Class performance evaluation
  • Enhance learner retention
  • Downloaded Reports in Excel format
  • xamine the amount of time spent in class
  • Reduce your expenses and efforts
  • Examine your course performance
  • Sort your class data

User Management

You can create multiple user roles such as admin, manager, student, teacher, or non-editing teacher and assign them to the course of their Interest. You also define a new user role and name them. Multiple Users can be uploaded in bulk enrolment also which helps the administrator saves time.

LMS Communication Tools to Interact

Enhance student engagement and critical thinking skills with Akraed LMS Communication features, fostering interactive learning and retention


Interactive Communication

Promote interactive learning through real-time communication and collaboration.



Keep learners updated with important news and events.


Calendar Coordination

Manage schedules and deadlines efficiently with shared calendars.


Assessment Tools

Evaluate learning progress comprehensively with tests and quizzes.


Performance Tracking

Provide detailed feedback and monitor progress effectively.


Data Visualization

Analyze student performance trends through graphs and statistics.

Personalized Learning Paths

Managing a large number of students and online courses in an LMS can be challenging. Personalized learning paths make the journey easier for both administrators and learners by assisting learners in grasping a specific topic or training program.

Drive Education Cut down Cost using our LMS An organization can launch and track training efforts with the help of a learning management system (LMS), which allows them to centralize its training management. The company could be a university, a business, or a school.

Find the education gap at the right time

  • Evaluate yourself with tests on any subject.
  • Cover all topic areas conveniently.
  • Create quizzes for specific students or groups
  • Boost IQ and engagement with educational games.
  • Improve performance and confidence with personalized evaluation.
  • Utilize assessment results to tailor learning experiences.
  • Foster communication between parents, teachers, and students for effective support.

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Assessment and quiz

Utilize clear quiz questions with varied rules to gauge student understanding. Atlearn LMS quizzes support exams, pre-tests, and feedback collection

  • Create polls, tests, quizzes, and resume them seamlessly.
  • Utilize visual materials and provide feedback effortlessly.
  • Personalize certificates and categorize quizzes for organization.
  • Utilize a question bank and control the number of tries.
  • Easily publish or email test results and analyze them.
  • Automate training progress monitoring and reduce costs.
  • Simplify material customization and offer convenient access to courses.

Efficient Digital Book Management in Akraed

In Atlearn, the book-related feature primarily focuses on the effective management and distribution of a wide array of educational materials, including course content, textbooks, and supplementary reading resources. This feature provides a centralized platform for instructors to organize, upload, and administer digital books, ensuring seamless access to essential learning materials for both educators and students within the learning environment.

These features collectively contribute to creating a robust and user-friendly digital book management system, enhancing the overall learning experience for both instructors and students.

  • Instructors can seamlessly upload, organize, and manage diverse digital books.
  • Arrange books into folders or categories for efficient content structuring.
  • Compatibility with multiple file formats (PDF, ePUB, Word, etc.) ensures flexibility.
  • Robust search capabilities facilitate quick access to specific books or content.
  • Navigation tools such as bookmarks and table of contents enhance user experience.
  • Annotation tools enable adding notes, highlights, and annotations to digital books.
  • Track student progress within digital books to monitor engagement effectively.
  • Download books for offline access, ensuring learning flexibility and accessibility.

Atlearn Forum

Discover your go-to online community for Learning Management Systems! Connect, share experiences, and stay updated on educational technology trends

  • Engage in vibrant discussions with educators and administrators, sharing insights and gaining wisdom.
  • Connect with experienced experts to collaboratively tackle challenges and find solutions.
  • Learn effective course creation, learner engagement, and evaluation techniques in LMS.
  • Gain insights from fellow educators on effective approaches in diverse educational environments.

Empowering Interactive Learning with Polls in Akraed

It enables instructors to effortlessly incorporate polls into course materials, quizzes, or discussions, thereby enriching interactive learning encounters. Users can integrate poll data with learning analytics to provide instructors with valuable insights into student engagement and comprehension trends.

The polls functionality within Akraed serves as a valuable instrument to boost engagement, collect feedback, and assess student comprehension. Poll creation is a feature available to instructors, enabling them to formulate questions and provide multiple-choice options. This functionality serves as a means to evaluate comprehension, gather opinions, or foster reflective thinking.

Simplify Your Educational Material Management

Manage and distribute educational materials effortlessly with Akraed's streamlined book feature

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